What does AC stand for? What is AC

Definition and Meaning

AC stands for Alternating Current, it is an electricity type that is commonly used in businesses and homes around the globe. The name “alternating” is originated from the word “alternate” due to its reverse directions in an electrical circuit. This type of electricity reverses directions at regular intervals in an electrical circuit. It is generated by an electric generator, which decides the frequency of these repetitive variations. In the states, AC is created at 60Hz, which implies the current alternated 60 times in every second.

An Overview of AC

The Alternating current can be easily converted to Direct current, but DC cannot be converted to AC current; and, AC is advantageous. For example, when you daily charge your mobile phone, the battery (DC) charges through Alternating current. Whenever an AC adapter is used to charge any electrical appliance, it means the AC (alternating current) is converted to DC (direct current). Therefore, AC current is very beneficial and crucial, even for direct current. Above we have mentioned that DC cannot be converted to AC; well, technically, it is possible; however, it is an expensive process. This is why alternating current is considered as a default as well as a standard form of electricity.

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