What does ANZAC stand for and mean?

Definition and Meaning

ANZAC is short for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps”, this was the combined force that served during World War I in the Gallipoli campaign, which was created with the attempt to capture the Turkish Darnelles. The ANZAC used to be known as one of the most powerful shock troops in the world and this is the reason why their tactics and methods are still the talk of many strategist debates when it comes to warfare.

ANZAC by definition was simply a soldier that was from either New Zealand or Australia that serves in the army corps. The ANZAC was a fierce soldier that was known for his bravery and those who served in this particular corps had a reputation for being very skilled in the art of war.

The ANZAC forces continued to exist during the war in Vietnam, with a new combination of New Zealand and Australian soldiers that formed a new ANZAC battalion. There is a celebration that is held each year in order to remember those who fought in the ANZAC forces.

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