What does BHP Stand for?

Definition and Meaning

BHP stands for “Brake HorsePower“. There are many people who confuse the terms wheel horsepower (WHP) and brake horsepower (BHP). This is a very common mistake that is made by people when they are getting started with any kind of knowledge about the mechanics behind an engine’s performance.

The term BHP refers to the power output that any kind of engine could have. This is measured at the flywheel and this is a disc that has teeth on it, with the purpose of helping transfer the power from the engine to the transmission smoothly.

The term WHP is the amount of power output that can be measured directly with the wheels of the vehicle. There is quite a bit of loss of power in the driveline and this is why the BHP and the WHP are completely different and need to be measured separately.

There is actually no need to increase the BHP if you want to enhance the WHP. This can be achieved by the reduction of the rotational mass in the wheels, brakes, clutch, and flywheel. This is the main reason why you will see that some vehicles with the exact same BHP will have huge differences in the WHP.

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