What does Bipolar mean?

Definition and Meaning

Bipolar is a disorder also known as a manic-depressive problem. It is a biological brain issue that causes psychological as well as emotional mood changes. The mood swings are very severe and should not be left untreated; otherwise, they will become a very big problem with living a normal life. The bipolar disorder can affect anybody at any age. Yes, everyone goes through ups and downs, but in bipolar, the condition of a person goes extreme. A bipolar person might feel blue; however, absolutely ineffectual, nonvital, and hopeless. A lot of bipolar patients get suicidal thoughts; you can estimate the severity of this condition by this.

The Highs

The hyper or “high” end of the bipolar additionally overstates reality. Excessive exuberance and energy, dreams of self-importance, and daydreams of being special are very common. In spite of the fact that the individual may feel engaged, viable profits are uncommon. Thoughts race through the brain and focus is limited or unimaginable. The personality is also strangely verbose, presumptuous, and sexually intense or unbridled in improper circumstances. While those near to the victim often ignore the levels of bipolar, for general depression or stress, the highs can be more concerning. An individual in the cycle of the bipolar disorder can appear psychotic.

Mood Swings

Those suffering from this condition often stays in different cycles of mood swings and this likewise incorporates normal state; the period of normality, between depressive and manic state. Due to this, closed ones often ignore this issue as they think that the person is back to normal and he or she doesn’t need medical help. Bipolar is different from other depressive disorders, and it is serious as well. The mood cycles may change within a week or maybe within a single day if the condition is too severe. Two characters or personalities under a single person is also considered a bipolar condition. The Flying Scotsman, In the Best Interest of the Children, Infinity polar bears, Silver Linings Playbook, sweethearts, touched with fire, and Mr. Jones (film) are some movies based on bipolar disorder.

Bottom Line

Right now, millions of people are bipolar and only half of them are diagnosed as per the national institute of mental health. This clearly states that people are not aware of the term “bipolar”. The need of psychiatrist is very important in all kinds of mental health issues; even if a person is under stress, there is no harm in seeing a psychiatrist.

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