What does BMX Stand for?

Definition and Meaning

BMX, also known as bicycle motocross is a variation of cycling sports that is performed on BMX bikes and which usually takes place off-road. It takes place in designated locations and courses, and most of the time it can actually take the form of a championship.

The origins of BMX began in the 70s when kids began to use their bicycles on dirt tracks. These simple races were the start of this great current that now hosts dozens of major events all over the world.

Since the 70s numerous bike companies have started to create BMX bikes, with the Schwinn Sting-Ray and other great wheelie bikes being created this way on their own. The National Bicycle League was created in 1974 as the means of funding motocross sanctioning and developing an audience for the sport.

The first BMX championship took place in 1982 and since then we have annual events that celebrate this great sport and the unique experience that it can deliver all the time!

BMX does require a special equipment, but the most expensive item out of it all is definitely the bike. The special bikes can get quite costly, but if you want to perform this sport you do need to focus on durability and that is why investing in a durable one might give you a much better experience overall.

Many BMX pros are also choosing other cycling sports to showcase their experience, with downhill being one of the preferred alternatives most of the time. One thing is certain, BMX is indeed one of the most interesting and hugely demanding bicycle based sports, but it’s definitely one of the best to perform as well, so trying it out is well worth it!

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