What Does Capacity Mean? – What is Capacity

Definition and Meaning

Capacity is the word that is used to describe the number of things that can be placed inside an object or the amount of weight that can be placed on top of an object. This also applies to computers and the capacity they have to store data inside of them.

Being able to maximize capacity in every possible industry is essential. It’s because of capacity that we are limited to a certain number of fish to be brought into a fishing boat. It’s due to capacity issues that a mobile phone battery is only able to power the phone for a day or two at most.

The more we are able to expand capacity in every possible way, the easier things will be for us in life. The same can be said about our mind and how we only use them to 10% of the capacity that scientists believe that it has.

There are many frontiers that we have yet to reach and ironically our capacity to think about ways to expand capacity might be limited, but the quest for reaching higher levels of capacity is always moving forward and we hope to make some amazing progress with it.

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