What does CGI stand for – What is CGI?

Definition and Meaning

The acronym CGI stands for common gateway interface and is a standard environment that can be encountered in the web server world. It was created specifically to interface with all the executable programs that were installed on a server and the focus is generating web pages in a dynamic manner.

These programs are either known as CGIs or as CGI scripts, mainly because they are written using a scripting language. There are situations though in which other programming languages are used as well, and that’s something you will appreciate and enjoy for sure.

Usually, a web server will require HTTP server software in order to run and this one responds to requests from the web browsers. There will be a specific set of requests send by sites and the web server needs to answer them. Since the system is quite basic, the common gateway interface extends on it with the idea that it allows the web server owner to choose a directory found inside the document collection as containing executable scripts. This is a major difference considering that most directories include pre-written pages.

The entire common gateway interface system is designed to allow the web browser to send information via the URL and to the script. If there’s a situation in which a slash and a directory name are added to the normal URL, the path will be stored within the environment variable named PATH_INFO up until the script will be called.

The common gateway interface is designed to offer a much better way for web servers to interact with the executables and it offers a great set of results overall, something that’s very useful and surely much appreciated!.

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