What does CV Stand for?

Definition and Meaning

The term CV stands for Curriculum Vitae, it is basically a quick and condensed review of the achievements in a person’s life. A proper curriculum is extremely important for anyone who is looking for success in the corporate world. This is going to allow most people to apply for jobs in all kinds of positions and it will make things much easier for the human resources departments of the companies looking for new employees.

It’s important to consider the importance of being able to get the right kind of results from your needs. You have to give a lot of thought to the structure of your CV (curriculum vitae) and the best practice in the modern world is to include the most relevant achievements and avoid trying to include every 2 weeks or 2-day degree they have earned after attending conferences.

Human resources are not interested in the small achievements. They want to get to know about the most important things you have been able to accomplish in your career. Make sure that you highlight your top academic achievements and your greatest highlights as a professional in your field of work.

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