What does Diversity mean?

Definition and Meaning

The word diversity can simply mean difference. When something is different and this is not necessarily something that has to be used for racial or religious differences as it often is. A diversity of musical taste is just as valid as a diversity of religious beliefs. When you have a number of teams that are competing to reach a goal, you will usually have a diversity of strategies that they are all going to try to implement in order to reach their goals.

The word diversity is essential in life because without diversity, we would have a very boring world. It’s because of the diversity of opinions in every aspect of our lives that we are able to evolve and this is something that should never change and it should always be encouraged. We would come to a complete halt if our ability to be diverse was in any way forced to stop or punished.

Being diverse is basically the number one component of evolution. We evolve by being diverse, by exploring and questioning things until we are able to come up with an answer that satisfies our need to debate and to be different. We will continue to move forward as long as we have diversity. A world without diversity would be a dictatorship.

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