What does DJ Stand for – What is DJ?

Definition and Meaning

The acronym DJ is also known as a deejay, or D.J., a disc jockey is a person who will play recorded music for broadcast or a live audience at a venue such as a bar, dance club, or nightclub. Live venues at a club event or rave, the audience are usually comprised of people who dance to the music. DJs who broadcast the music they play often work for radio stations that use both over-the-air and internet broadcast methods to reach their audience which is anywhere they have an appropriate receiver. There are live venue DJs, radio or broadcast DJs, and mobile DJs that use portable sound systems to set up at a variety of events to play music.

The actual term disc jockey is derived from the old phonograph record which was often called a disc that the DJ would play on a turntable, remove when completed, and replace with another. Thus, just like a jockey riding a horse, the DJ manages one or more turntables in order to keep the music going. Today, most radio DJs play their music off the computer which also holds the commercials and public announcements.

DJ stands for “Disc Jockey”

Mobile and live venue DJs often use phonograph records and some will even manipulate them to create scratching or repeating sounds that adds to the overall entertainment. There are many disc jockeys that will actually use the abbreviation “DJ” in their personal title when performing at events or clubs. This helps denote them to fans and build up their own careers in the music or entertainment field.

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