What does DLC Stand for – What is DLC, Full form of DLC

Definition and Meaning

The acronym DLC stands for “downloadable content” and this is an acronym that is used in the gaming community to describe the content that you can add to your games. The modern consoles are basically like computers and they allow for games to be enhanced with content that can be downloaded after the game has been released. A good example is when a fighting game comes out and there are missing characters on the roster that can be downloaded later on. This is a very common thing to see in most modern games and it’s a way for their longevity to be increased.

There are some gaming franchises that a huge number of DLC releases for a single game and when the game proves to be popular enough, this can expand the DLC content even further. This is a great way for game developers to increase their earnings and for fans of the games to be given the kind of upgrades they want for their games. The new consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U, all have this feature available for their games. They all come with full internet connectivity and this allows the game players to download this content instead of having to purchase it from stores.

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