What does the Acronym ERP and SAP Stand for?

Definition and Meaning

SAP is an important ERP integrated software that enables the business process very easily. SAP is one of the leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software application provider and world largest company in the world. The headquarters of SAP organization is located in Germany, Walldorf. SAP software enables to integrate all the business application like a uniform platform.

What is ERP?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is also called an ERP system, ERP Software. ERP helps the organization in managing various business operations like financial services, manufacturing, material requirement planning, supply chain management, Human resources, etc. ERP system enables the flow of information within an organization and the authorized users can access the data around the globe.

What is SAP?

SAP (Systems Applications and Product) is a world popular ERP software. SAP systems help all the small, medium and large organization to run their business in an easy way. The important modules in SAP system are Financial Accounting, Sales and Distribution module, Quality Management module, ABAP programming module, Hana, Basis/Security module, CRM functional and technical module, Human Resources, BI/BW, APO, etc.

SAP R/3 is a real-time three-tier-architecture which consists of three layers.

  • Presentation Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Database Layer

The different versions of SAP systems are as follows.

  • SAP R/1 – 1 stands for 1-tier architecture
  • SAP R/2 – 2 stands for 2-tier architecture with 2 layers
  • SAP R/ 3 – 3 stands for 3-tier Architecture with three layers

Present SAP ((Systems, Applications, and Products) software is being used in many industries as it is an integrated system, process and update business data quickly and provides the real-time solutions for organization development.

SAP software provides complete business solutions to the organization by tightly integrating SAP modules to each other. Since 1972, SAP has become the most preferred business solution package and accepted by various organization across the world.

Important Modules in SAP

The most important technical and functional modules in SAP systems are as follows –

  • Financial Accounting and Controlling Module
  • Material Management Module
  • Sales & Distribution Module
  • Production Planning Module
  • Customer Relationship Management Module
  • Hana, ABAP, Basis, Security etc.

Advantages of ERP SAP Systems

  • SAP software can be integrated with third party applications.
  • It is a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) and easy to use.
  • It is a single platform, easy to maintain and provides better services and support.
  • SAP provide real time information.
  • ERP SAP helps to track the data like manufacturing, materials availability in real time.

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