What does ERP stand for?

Definition and Meaning

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is one of the important suites of business applications that help to integrate all modules in one system. In simple terms, ERP is a set of business software applications that integrate and enable the smooth running of the business process. The integrated system helps the organization in collecting, managing and reporting the data through the business cycle.

In the past years, ERP was mainly used in manufacturing process. Now the ERP system is involved in all business operations. The important modules of ERP systems are Sales orders (SO), Purchase Orders (PO), CRM, Human Resources, etc.

mySAP is one largest ERP software which has integration capabilities. Integration means that for any business process SAP automatically updates the data in all the modules. The important modules in SAP systems are Financial accounting, Human resource management, material management, HANA, ABAP, Security, etc. With ERP, each department can have their own system but they can share and communicate information with everyone in the organization. Authorized users are only allowed to access the data in the system and unauthorized users are strictly prohibited to access the information.

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