What does Ethics mean – What is Ethics?

Definition and Meaning

Ethics is basically the essence of being human because they have to do with the moral value and fundamental principles that a person has in order to be considered a valuable member of society. This is meant to help study our behavior and find out the kind of differences that are found in different cultures based on what they considered to be fair and ethical behavior.

This means that our morals and values are going to depend on many factors such as our country of origin, our religion and our way of life, but the main and most common measure for ethics is to have empathy towards other people and this allows us to be able to understand others and we will have a natural moral compass that will be dictated by not doing things to others that we would not want to be done to us.

Ethical behavior is a necessity in order for societies to be built and for human beings to be able to live with each other in harmony. If we lacked the required ethics we would be living in constant anarchy and our species would probably not survive for long.

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