What does HDMI Stand for – What is HDMI?

Definition and Meaning

The term HDMI refer to High Definition Multimedia Interface, it is essentially an interface that transfers uncompressed video and audio data from an HDMI compliant device which includes the following;

  • Computer Monitor
  • Digital Television
  • Video Projector
  • Digital Audio Device

HDMI is essentially the digital replacement for analog video and audio standards which once were the norm for many decades. Today, you can find digital devices that have an HDMI interface in most homes and businesses as well as HDMI cables that allow the transfer of digital information from one device to another such as from a digital cable box to a digital television or from a computer to a digital monitor.What does HDMI Stand for – HDMI Full Form

The EIA/CEA-861 standards for video formats are used in the HDMI interface which means that no signal conversion is necessary since all HDMI compatible devices use the same standards. This means that there is no loss of video or audio quality when the signal is transferred from one HDMI device to another using an HDMI cable. In addition, the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) allows HDMI devices to control one another if necessary so that one user can oversee multiple devices all with a single remote device.

Production of consumer models of the HDMI products began in 2003 as they began to appear on HDTV sets. By 2006, HDMI interfaces started appearing on HDTV camcorders along with digital still cameras. Today, well over 3 billion HDMI devices have been sold worldwide and they continue to grow in popularity as the technology expands and becomes less expensive to purchase.

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