What does HIPAA Stand for?

Definition and Meaning

The term HIPAA stands for “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability”, it is a legislation that has been created for the safeguarding of medical information. This particular act was signed back in 1996 under the Clinton administration and it has a total of five sections.

The sections are known as titles and they are as follows:

Title 1

This allows for a period of protection for health insurance coverage when an individual happens to lose their job. It was also meant to avoid the prohibition of coverage to people who have certain health conditions.

Title 2

This was meant for the proper implementation of secure electronic access and the compliance with regulations related to privacy.

Title 3

Medical care guidelines and provisions that are tax related. This is an important aspect of this legislation and it has made it extremely valuable.

Title 4

This is meant to give a detailed reform on health insurance and there are provisions for any conditions that might be pre-existing.

Title 5

This includes the company owned provisions and the treatment of anyone who is no loses their citizenship for income tax purposes.

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