What does HIV Stand for – What is HIV?

Definition and Meaning

The term HIV stands for “human immunodeficiency virus”. There is no way to deny just how much this particular illness has stricken fear in the minds of people all over the world, but the truth is that the HIV virus itself does nothing but attack your immune system, which means that you could die from something as simple as a cold.

The virus will attack the white cells in the body and it will target the CD4+ cells, which are the ones responsible for being able to defend the body against any kind of infection. There is a misconception about what it means to have HIV and AIDS. There are stages of this infection and that is the reason why people like Magic Johnson have been able to live with HIV and not have any health issues.

The last stage of HIV is the one that can cause complications and that is the stage known as AIDS. When the HIV virus manages to attack enough cells, this is the moment when the body will be in danger of serious infections and even types of cancer that are going to be very rare in people who are healthy.

If a person is diagnosed with HIV, there are many medical solutions that will allow people to keep their immune systems strong enough and they will be able to avoid any issues with the disease. The latest drugs help keep the virus from turning into AIDS

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