What Does HMO Stand For – What is HMO?

Definition and Meaning

The acronym HMO stands for “Health Maintenance Organization”, this is one of the most important organizations in the US because it regulates and manages the health insurance and health care for both individuals and entities all over the country. The HMO will ask the member to select a PCP of their choice. This primary care physician is going to be the ones in charge of the medical history of the individual. The coverage is usually not going to be useful for cosmetic surgery and there are many HMO restrictions and guidelines that need to be considered, but this is definitely extremely important for people who want to be able to afford expensive medical treatments.

The HMO plan is usually ideal for people who want to have lower premiums. It can also be optimal if you ate looking for a good plan that no deductible. People who need preventive care are also given the recommendation to get this kind of coverage for their needs. No claims need to be submitted to the insurance company in most cases.

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