What does HTML Stand for? What is HTML Programming?

Definition and Meaning

HTML is a sort of computer language and it stands for “Hypertext markup language”, and it is used to create web pages. Keep in mind that the pages are created on a computer, and then posted on the internet. Despite the fact that HTML seems complicated, to a lot of people, it is a very simple language. All graphics and texts designed with HTML are created with codes that direct the web browser or a virtual program how to show those elements. The HTML language is completely tagged with various codes, and these tags likewise provide formatting information and layout data so that the particular web page will look as close as it is intended to look. Writing HTML codes is not difficult; however, one needs a program or a website that teaches the basics of HTML.

What does HTML Code mean

There are many types of codes included in HTML, and each HTML code has a different purpose. There are different codes to permit diverse text formatting, including tables, italics, hyperlinks, and paragraphs. These codes likewise instruct a browser how to display the complete web page as well as its other elements such as videos, graphics, and pictures. So, HTML is a basic computer language, but it is very crucial, and important as well.

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