What does ICT stand for – What does ICT mean in Education?

Definition and Meaning

Information Communications Technology, also known as ICT is used as a synonym for the information technology and most of the time this one is a more extensive term that focuses on unified communications and the way computers, as well as telecommunications, work together to achieve the goal of your business.

Moreover, Information Communications Technology also includes the necessary storage, middleware, visual and audio systems as well as enterprise software and all the tools designed to transmit or manipulate information in a reliable manner.

At its core, the term also pertains to the combination of computer networks and audio-visual or phone networks via a single cable system. This particular method makes it a lot easier for companies to eliminate costs and deliver better user experiences, all while delivering more efficiency. What makes Information Communications Technology great here is that the overall infrastructure is better to maintain, not to mention that any company can add in multiple technologies via the same network to boost results.

Information Communications Technology doesn’t come with a universal definition because the technologies are improving all the time and new ones are added all the time. The evolution of this tech allows ICT to transmit, receive, store or manipulate information with great results and a major focus on delivering great results.

The ICT technology does amass a massive investment from companies all over the world, which does add up to around $3.5 trillion and it’s growing to 6% per year, with an expectation to double every 15 years. This clearly shows that ICT is the future of communications technology, so any business should try and implement it to boost productivity and obtain astounding results!

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