What does IT stand for?

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Broadly speaking, information technology (IT) refers to all data storage, retrieval, transmission and manipulation applications carried out by computers and telecommunications networks and equipment. It most often refers to applications and practices conducted in business and other enterprises. The term additionally encompasses such information distribution technologies as television and telephones, though it more commonly is a synonym for computers and computer networks in a general sense. Industries such as computer hardware and software, electronics, semiconductors, telecom equipment, engineering, healthcare, e-commerce and internet and computer services are frequently associated and governed with the IT classification.

Business databases, transactional systems, customer relationship management software, enterprise resource planning systems and email and Web servers are just a few of the applications programmed to execute data manipulation consolidation and dispersal, among other tasks. Servers communicate with both client users and other servers across one or more networks while storage technology secures information as data in any of several forms, including files, multimedia, telephony, Web and sensor formats. Storage utilities also manage both non-volatile tape, hard disk and solid-state flash drive data and volatile Random Access Memory (RAM).

Virtualization and cloud computing have also become valuable IT architectures that abstract and pool finite physical resources into broadly accessible configurations for easy distribution and sharing or containment within a secure data center. These functions are all overseen by an administrative team, technical staff and third-party contractors and support personnel charged with deploying and managing all IT assets and infrastructure with insight from a diverse array of specialized information and skill sets.

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