What does LLC Mean?

Definition and Meaning

LLC stands for Limited liability company. It isn’t a corporation or a partnership, so the owners of this company are actually members. Most of these companies are labeled as a limited liability corporation, which is an incorrect term of the LLC.


An LLC basically combines the elements of corporations and partnerships, so a limited liability company is not so much formal, but rather more adaptable than an average company, yet offers assurance and in addition certain benefits that are much the same. For instance, members can’t be obligated for company bad debts. LLC member’s assets are different from the assets of the LLC; so they can’t be seized. Another benefit of an LLC is that taxation is determined by the partnership model. The Flow-through taxation is beneficial because members are only needed to pay taxes on their own earning, as opposed to paying both individual and corporate taxes.

Number of Members

An LLC, on the other hand, can hold infinite numbers of members if the company wishes; which means it doesn’t really need bylaws or meetings. While numerous states don’t request a working ascension, it is a smart thought to have one set up of the standard ordinances or contracts.

How things work

In organizations, investors, as well as shareholders, may trade or exchange stock, or their own part of possession, while LLC members cannot do this. Since everything needs the approval of other fellow members. Technically, this can be done if other members of an LLC allow a particular member to transfer stock. Apart from this, if a member decides to leave, or passes away, the limited liability company is generally dissolved; however, companies are not limited by these restrictions.

Setting up an LLC

To create an LLC, Articles of Organization need to be filled with particular rules (usually state specified), and all charges must be paid. Articles of Organization are normally filled with the state’s Secretary. You might need to appoint a lawyer to plan everything as well as for the documentation; however, if you have the knowledge, then you can do this on your own. Actually, there are much software available in the market that will help with documentation, but most of them are paid ones. Check your state’s regulations before starting the work. Keep in mind that it is not a corporation; it is actually a legal form of a company that allows limited liability to its members.

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