What does M&M stand for – Full form of M&M?

Definition and Meaning

The acronym M&M stands for “Mars & Murrie”. This is the most popular invention of the Mars Corporation and It was given the name M&M by the merge of the last names from the shareholders of the product. This was the first chocolate to be coated with candy and this was the moment when the now famous tagline “melts in your mouth, not in your hand” gave this particular candy world fame and it has been growing bigger and bigger since 1941. The M&M milk chocolate candy is now available in different presentations that include the peanut M&M and the coatless M&M, which has also become quite popular amongst people of all ages.

The mascots for the candy are the red and the yellow M&M’s, which represent the standard version and the peanut version of the candy. They have been featured in many TV commercials and have become a very popular choice of candy to give as a gift for Xmas and for other special occasions. There are stores that are entirely dedicated to M&M products and one of the biggest is in New York City and the other store is located in the Vegas strip. You can find all kinds of gifts and apparel with the M&M mascots.

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