What does MOT stand for?

Definition and Meaning

Basically, the MOT refers to Ministry of Transport or Transportation, it is the governing body responsible for the transportation need of the people that it overseas which is usually a country. The Ministry itself is administered by a single person often called the Minister of Transport, although the title may vary from country to country. In addition, for nations that do not use the formal term of MoT, it may be found in smaller departments of government agencies.

Generally speaking, the MoT is responsible for overseeing the following types of transportation systems;

  • Road
  • Civil Aviation
  • Rail Transport
  • Maritime Transport

In addition, the MoT will also develop specific government transportation policies, organize the public transportation system, as well as oversee the construction, maintenance, and repair of existing systems often called infrastructure projects. In addition to their main responsibilities, the MoT may also oversee other areas that relate to their main duties which may include the following;

  • Public Works
  • Waterworks
  • Communication
  • Housing
  • Construction
  • Industrial and Trade Economic Activities

The MoT may also be divided in responsibility at the provincial or state level. For example, the US equivalent to the MoT is the Department of Transportation and each state has its own transportation department which oversees the transportation issues for their own states that are often guided at the national level.

The MoT will often be a cabinet or high position in the main government and is subject to the policies of the governing politic of the time.

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