What does PBX mean – What is PBX?

Definition and Meaning

PBX, full form; Private Branch Exchange, is a telephone switching framework for managing multiple calling lines without paying extra to the phone company; it is, however, a private owner switching system. Usually, a phone line is joined to the telephone company’s central office via “truck”. The central office is in charge of directing outgoing and incoming calls. It likewise offers other services like call forwarding, voicemail, caller ID and more. For this particular service, the company gets a monthly fee. An organization needing many of the phones would swiftly incur a large telephone bill.

Exchange Point

A PBX is basically an exchange point, replaces the phone carrier’s main workplace working for routing calls. With a private branch exchange in place, every single phone only requires an extension, which implies there is no need of additional phone number, and it handles all the calls made from the desks within an organization. If one needs to dial an outside number, he or she will first dial an access number; usually “9” in the states. The system then transfers the call to the phone carrier’s central hub and from there the call is directed.

PBX Decreases Cost

A PBX decreases cost as the organization only pays for the number of lines required to be connected to the outside. For instance, if a company or organization has 50 telephones, it is improbable everyone will make outside calls at any given time. Usually, only 10% need an outside line at once. So the company or organization would only lease 10 lines instead of getting 50 lines.

The Framework

PBX frameworks can be no frills or feature-rich, contingent upon what the client is willing to pay. Phone message, intercoming, exchanging, conferencing, and call forwarding are only a few choices available. A critical element of a PBX is command over the numbers that can be and can’t be dialed from within the framework. This can counteract calls abroad, to ISD numbers, or to other excessive numbers.

PBXs and Lines

Small PBXs that could be used in a small business or a home can be purchased for $80 to $800 depending on the incorporated features. Larger PBXs, which are required in bigger organizations can handle up to 75 lines; however, they start at about $800 and can go high as well. Advanced systems like robust are also available and they could handle up to 20000 lines. Currently, an open source version of this system is being developed and this will allow customers to save even more amount of money.

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