PDF- What does PDF Stand for?

Definition and Meaning

There are many file types that are used on the internet, but one of them seems to be the most popular for reading books and long documents that are heavy on graphics and detail. The file that we are talking about is known as a Portable Document Format (PDF).

The most common way for a PDF to be created is with the use of Adobe Acrobat and this has been the leading software that people all over the world are using in order to view these files on their computers.

It’s quite common for a magazine or a product brochure to be turned into a PDF file because this is going to allow for the file to preserve the original look, dimensions and overall appearance. This is the reason why it continues to be one of the most popular files for people who use desktop and laptop computers.

The use of a PDF can be extremely good and useful when you need to distribute any kind of file online and you can also password protect the PDF file in order to keep people from being able to copy text or photos from it.

You can also use any kind of fonts that you want and the user is not going to have to install that font on their PC in order to view it.

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