What does Redundant mean?

Definition and Meaning

When something is redundant, it’s basically saying the same thing repeatedly, but using a different set of words to say it. A short but very clear redundancy can be when you say something like “free gifts” or “added bonus”. When you say something like “I have taught them the basic fundamentals” you are also being redundant.

Learning to spot these redundancies is important when you are writing and speaking. Avoiding them as often as possible is going to allow you to sound professional and it will enhance the perception that other people have of you.

Redundant phrases and redundant sentences are going to make it seem like you are unable to express yourself fluently and this is never a good thing.

Other redundant examples include

  • “We are collaborating together as a team”
  • “I am having a difficult dilemma”
  • “Then we saw the final outcome”
  • “I had invited guests at my house last night”
  • “New innovation”

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