What Does RFID stand for?

Definition and Meaning

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and it is one of the most emerging technologies in the field of electronics and communication and it is being used for lots of real-time applications from last few years. Here you can make use of electromagnetic fields in order to transfer data wirelessly up to longer distances. Here information is transferred in form of some codes that are difficult to track by undesired users and they can transfer secure information from one end to other.

Most commonly RFID tags are used with a reader on objects that are desired to be tracked for their movements; you can easily find them in showrooms where RFID readers can detect people who try to take things out without making payments.

This is actually an interesting field in this branch of electronics and is having bright future in coming years also due to its lots of benefits and easy interfacing facilities. Some analysis has proven RFID codes much better than Barcodes that were commonly used a few years ago because RFID reading is more secure and reliable option for commodity stores and can easily detect theft cases. Nowadays many toys have been developed with RFID technology as they lead to more interactive toys that can entertain kids easily. Here the RFID tag is made up of some coil wound over a specific surface and reader works at other distance placed module and it can easily communicate with Computer via interface cables such as RS232. RFID is also finding its applications in the field of military and medical treatments.

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