What does SAE Stand for?

Definition and Meaning

The acronym SAE, also known as the Society of Automotive Engineers is a US based and globally active standard and professional association for engineering professionals that pertain to multiple industries. It has a major emphasis on transport industries such as commercial vehicles, automotive and aerospace.

The association is designed to coordinate the overall development of the major technical standards, and they do that thanks to the best practices that are identified in the entire sector.

These practices are identified by task forces which are comprised out of multiple engineering professionals and they all pertain to relevant fields in the sector. It’s important to note here that the Society of Automotive Engineers has no less than 138000 members globally and in order to become a member, you need to come as an individual, not as a company because companies are not allowed to be a part of it.

Although most of its focus stands on the standardization efforts, the reality is that the Society of Automotive Engineers also devotes multiple resources to programs and projects that are a part of STEM education, professional certification as well as collegiate design competitions which add up to create a better and more powerful industry.

The notion of SAE was created in the beginning of the 20th century and since then the association achieved a massive growth, especially in the beginning because in around 10 years the SAE had around 2000 members.

Over the years the SAE has purchased numerous tech groups, including the Tech Briefs Media Group and the ARINC Industry Activities.

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