SEAL – What does SEAL Stand for – US NAVY Seals?

Definition and Meaning

The term SEAL stands for Sea, Air and Land, these are some of the most elite forces in the United States armies and they are sent to some of the most difficult and dangerous missions during times of conflict. This is the main reason why their training is extremely difficult and a large number of people who apply for this kind of job are never able to get past the intensity of the seal program.

Those who want to apply for the Seal program have to be involved in Boot Camp training and a pre-training phase that prepares them for the BUD training that all navy seals need to be able to pass in order to become part of this elite team of soldiers.

In order to enter the BUD training program, you will also need to enlist and serve in the navy and then you can try out for BUDS. Once you make it into this program, there are 3 specific phases that you need to be able to handle. In case you are curious, BUDS stands for Basic Underwater Demolition Seal Training.

Being able to make it into this highly specialized team is definitely a way to open many doors in life and most importantly, you will be traveling the world on very specialized missions.

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