What does SEO mean -What is Search Engine Optimization

Definition and Meaning

Most of us are acquainted with this particular term; however, not every person knows its meaning and significance. SEO stands for Search engine optimization, it is the primary method of passive internet marketing. The search engine refers to a software system that is dedicated to the search for different data or information available on the internet. So, the search engine optimization means optimization of the search engine results pages, also known as SERPs. Basically, the main intention behind SEO is to increase the visitors or to fetch the traffic from search engines to a website.

SEO is used by businesses of all sizes from large corporations to single entrepreneurs. The heart of SEO is content and links in order to be singled out by popular search engines such as Google.

For example, most people use Google search engines when looking for information that includes searching for particular types of products. The query that people put into search engines is also called the keyword or key phrase that can be incorporated into content such as web pages, descriptions, titles, article blogs, posts, and so forth. When a search engine is looking for content to match the query, it will seek out content that includes the keywords or key phrases that were included in the query and post them in terms of rankings from most similar at the top and growing less similar down the page. The closer a page is ranked near the top, the more likely it is a person will click on the link and visit the page.

Currently, the algorithms used by Google include a variety of factors beyond the keyword or key phrase, though that is still very important. Other factors such as the overall quality of the content, the use of images or video, and links to other good content sources are part of an effective SEO effort. Today, SEO remains the best form of passive internet marketing that pulls customers to web pages instead of reaching out like traditional advertising.

SEO has become an essential part of any internet marketing campaign and it allows for business winners to start moving up the search engine results until they reach the coveted first page of engines like Google and Bing.  There is no doubt that the main goal to conquer Google as it has the largest percentage of visitors on a daily basis.

Business owners need to consider certain things before they begin with their SEO efforts. If they have a very crowded niche, it can be much harder to get a good rank. Some business ventures have extremely competitive keywords and this means you have to compete against thousands of other local and international pages.

The best way to start moving up the ranks is to learn to use content marketing for the purposes of attracting people with valuable and useful content. This is the most efficient to do SEO in modern times.

SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant is a stickler in online research methods who optimize a client’s website, blog, or sales page so that it appears at the top of the search engines and found more easily by the audience. This particular person increases the search ranking as well as the visibility of a website so that the sales and productivity can also be improved. All this incorporates a specific strategy which can only be determined by an SEO consultant.

SEO Analysis

There are two types of SEO analysis; automatic or manual. Generally, the automatic analysis report can be generated with the help of an internet software; free or paid. On the other hand, manual analysis can be done by an SEO professional. This analysis suggests how a person or web-owner can improve his or her website in order to get popular on search engine results. The effectiveness of an SEO analysis depends on how knowledgeable an SEO professional is, and how many features an SEO analytic holds. Most of the webmasters use this tool to optimize their websites according to the latest trends.


SEO is not a single method which can be learned from a single book; however, there are a lot of useful material available online and offline from which a person can learn the basics of SEO. If you have a website or blog, then you must learn the basics of SEO so that you can understand how SEO works. Understanding the basic structure of SEO is important before hiring an SEO professional, as it allows a web-owner to know which service is needed to improve the visibility of the website, and this will likewise help in saving money or getting swindled by an unprofessional SEO person.

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