What does SPCA stand for – What is SPCA?

Definition and Meaning

The acronym SPCA stands for “Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals”, there are thousands of people out there who dedicate their time to help prevent cruelty to animals. SPCA organizations have been set up all over the world and many animals have been saved from terrible situations and given new homes. The organization is constantly looking for funds in order to be able to heal animals that have been mistreated and they also practice euthanasia is they feel that an animal is beyond help and is suffering too much due to injuries or disease.

This organization has managed to save animals from all kinds of situations and they have successfully given them new homes after giving them proper treatment. This organization can be found all over the world in countries in Asia, America, Africa and Europe. They have been able to raise a significant amount of funding in the United States and most of that money has been invested directly in the animals, which is the reason why the support continues to grow for this particular association.

You can also support SPCA by making any kind of contribution you can. Animals deserve to be treated with respect and they deserve to live without cruelty and with the chance to be adopted by a loving family.

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