What does SSL Stand for?

Definition and Meaning

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. The SSL certificate is quite popular and famous for anyone who has ever been involved in any kind of e-commerce and online monetary transaction. This is basically the best way to keep information safe while it moves from the browser to the web server. It will establish a link that will be encrypted and this will keep it safe from any interceptions that might be attempted by hackers. This is now considered to be an essential layer of protection that allows websites that sell services to protect their customers when they make a transaction with their credit cards.

The cost of an SSL certificate is not cheap, but the protection it provides for your website transactions is definitely worth the investment, you also need to consider that the SSL cost is quite small when you have high volume sales. If you sell any kind of products online and you don’t have an SSL certificate, you will be gambling with security and you might end up in a serious problem with a customer whose transaction gets intercepted by a malicious attack.

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