What does TBH Mean?

Definition and Meaning

The Acronym TBH stand for ”To be Honest” In an age that is predominantly defined by the internet, social media to be exact, it cannot be denied that the way we speak has changed. We no longer speak and understand the same language as our ancestors, although a lot of language elements remain. With the popularity of social media sites, as well as texting, it is inevitable to experience a shift in the way we communicate. Shortcuts are now more common than ever, as proven by the popularity of acronyms in text messages and in social media. Among others, one of the most popular acronyms you can see is TBH. More than six million Instagram posts use such as a hashtag, and it is also seen in millions of Facebook and Twitter posts, as well as in discussion forums and even in SMS.

People use TBH to show that they are expressing an honest opinion. It is similar to TTYT, which means to tell you the truth. When you see the acronym TBH being used, it means that the other person would like to emphasize the fact that he or she is stating an honest opinion, something that you should not care about as it is personal.

TBH can be used in a manner that is offensive, especially when you are expressing an opinion that may seem to be insensitive. The danger with the internet is that it is easy for the things that you say to be misconstrued. You will easily be judged for the things that you will express, regardless of how you just wanted to be honest on the first place.

Different Uses of TBH

To make it easier for you to understand how this acronym can be used, pay attention to the examples that will be noted below.

“You play the guitar very well, TBH.” This is one thing that you can say after watching a video of a person playing the instrument. This can be used to uplift the other person.

“TBH, you got a point.” This can be used after agreeing that the other person makes a good point, especially in the case of an argument. This would mean that you are acknowledging what is being said by the other party. If you are in a discussion forum and part of a heated debate, this would mean that you opt to stop further arguments by acknowledging that the other person said the right thing.

“TBH, I do not care about your opinion”. This is one of the perfect examples of using it in a manner that is offensive. When you post a Facebook status, for instance, and if someone begins bashing you for what you said, you can use this acronym to tell the other person that you do not care.

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