What does TED stand for – What is a TED Talk?

Definition and Meaning

The term TED stands for technology environment and design, it is basically a video presentation that is created for the purpose of showing it at the Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference. It can also be used at many of the satellite events that are held worldwide and it can have any kind of topic as long as it provides any kind of truly useful content that is backed up with strong evidence.

There have been many TED Talks and some of the topics that have been used include The internet and the evolution of this technology, the reasons why we sleep, the things we have been able to learn about many aspects of life thanks to ants, global corruption’s hidden players and many others.

The very first TED Talk conference was held back in 1984 and it has been an annual event since 1990. There have been many important people who have presented ideas and hosted the show. Some of those celebrities include Bill Gates, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Bono, Richard Dawkins and Larry Page.

The things that make for a great TED Talk involves creativity and groundbreaking ideas. This is the ultimate contribution to the world. When you innovate, you are doing a great thing, but when you create something entirely new or have a completely new approach to a subject, you have yourself some TED Talk material.

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