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What does PCI Stand for – What is PCI?

What is PCI? find out definition and meaning of PCI, look out exactly what does PCI stand for or full form and what does it mean. Essentially, PCI is considered a local computer bus where hardware devices in computers get attached. Standing for Peripheral Component Interconnect, PCI supports the processor bus, but is independent of any native processor bus when it is used in the standardized format.

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The devices which are attached can be integrated circuits that are fitted to the motherboard or to an expansion card that goes into a slot. The devices that are connected to the PCI bus are usually a bus master that is connected directly to its own bus with an assigned address space. The PCI Local Bus was first created for IBM PCs where it replaced the slower ISA slots along with a fast VESA Local Bus slot in the configuration.

What does PCI Stand for - What is PCI? Full form of PCI

What does PCI Stand for

From there, it expanded into other types of computers and used in network and sound cards along with modems, disk controllers, TV tuner cards, and even extra USB or serial ports. For years, the PCI video cards replaced the VESA and ISA versions until the bandwidth requirements grew beyond its capabilities and it had to be replaced. After the PCI video cards, the AGP replaced them before the PCI Express was introduced.

Work began on PCI in 1990 and it was not until 1994 that it managed to really penetrate the market. They continued to be used in computers at a very large rate until the mid-2000s when the Conventional PCI versions started to be replaced. Today, many of the new motherboards do not have slots for Conventional PCI.

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What is Domain – What does domain mean?

What is Domain or website? learn what does domain mean in website, also read definition and meaning of domain. The internet is full of domains and you are looking at a domain right now at the top of your browser on the address bar. The domain is the name that is given to a website. This means that anything after the www and before the .com or the .net, .org, is going to be the domain name.

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Terms related to Domain

What does domain means in website?

What is Domain?

Definition and meaning of domain?

What is parked domain?

Your domain is basically the business name you have on the internet. Google is the domain name for the most popular search engine in the world. There are literally millions of registered domains all over the world and this is the reason why new extensions have been created in order to allow for many names to be reused.  This is the reason why extensions like .net and .org have been created. 

What does Domain Mean - What is Domain

What does Domain Mean ?

You need to look for a domain that reminds people of the products or services you provide and this is going to allow you to build a strong brand. Some business ventures are lucky to be able to purchase their own business name as their domain while others need to look for a different name if theirs has been taken in all possible extensions.

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Definition and Meaning

What is SEO? find out definition and meaning of acronym SEO (Search engine optimization) and what does SEO mean. The terms SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and this is basically the art of getting your business keywords ranked on the search engines. This is done so that people can find your content organically when they search for content that includes those keywords.

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SEO Definition and Meaning - Search Engine Optimization

SEO Definition & Meaning

SEO has become an essential part of any internet marketing campaign and it allows for business winners to start moving up the search engine results until they reach the coveted first page of engines like Google and Bing.  There is no doubt that the main goal to conquer Google as it has the largest percentage of visitors on a daily basis.

Terms related to SEO

What does search engine optimization mean?

What does SEO stand for?

What is SEO optimization?

What does SEO mean in marketing

Business owners need to consider certain things before they begin with their SEO efforts. If they have a very crowded niche, it can be much harder to get a good rank. Some business ventures have extremely competitive keywords and this means you have to compete against thousands of other local and international pages.

The best way to start moving up the ranks is to learn to use content marketing for the purposes of attracting people with valuable and useful content. This is the most efficient to do SEO in modern times.

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What does SPAM mean – What is SPAM Email

What is SPAM and Spam email? learn what does SPAM mean and find out definition & meaning of SPAM. Spam is a word that is used for any kind of information that is sent to your email unsolicited. This means that you get offers for products and services that you never requested and people got a hold of your email without your permission. While spam is not illegal in most countries, it is frowned upon and this makes it a very shady tactic to do business.

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Terms related to Spam

What does SPAM email in internet?

What does spamming mean?

What is anti spam?

What is Email Spam?

The biggest problem with spam is that it can also contain malicious files that could be harmful to your computer. Spam has been used by marketers for a long time in order to see if they can get new customers by tricking them into clicking emails.

What does SPAM mean - What is SPAM Email

What does SPAM mean ?

Some of the most common email subjects for spammers include:

“You just won a trip to the Bahamas”

“Claim your free trip to Hawaii today”

“This is the information you requested”

Those are just a few examples of spam subject lines that are meant to get people curious about the information it might contain. Then when they click the email, they are usually sent to a sales page or a lead capturing form. 

Learning to avoid spam and recognizing spam is going to be essential in order to stay safe online.

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What does Innovation mean?

What is innovation? find exactly what does innovation mean in business and also refer definition and meaning of innovative and innovation. Some people invent things and others innovate them. It’s hard to say which one is of more value, but they are both just as important. Those who create are usually going to be able to make something that can be polished and turned into something even better. The innovators are the ones responsible for making sure that all the inventions are taken to a whole new level of efficiency.

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Terms related to Innovation

What does innovative mean in business?

What does innovation means?

What does the word innovation mean?

What does innovative think mean?

A good example of an invention and an innovation is when the first Wheel was created. It was made with rough and scared edges and it made it very hard for them to work properly, but then someone else came over and decided to give it a circular design and the wheel was innovated and brought to a whole new level. This is basically what innovation is all about and it has been helping us build inventions up to the point that we have achieved in modern times.

What does Innovation mean? What is Innovation

What does Innovation mean ?

Innovation will always be in charge of making things better while inventors come up with ways to create new things that have never been seen before. Now you have to discover if you could be an innovator or an inventor.

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What does Climate Mean?

What is Climate? find out what does climate mean and also read definition and meaning of climate change in geography. The climate is basically the name given the statistics of the weather in all regions of the world. Once the patterns of humidity, temperature, pressure in the atmosphere and the wind are all measured, you will be able to have a good prediction on the weather and how the temperatures will be in any area of the world.

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Terms related to Climate

What is climate change?

Definition of Climate?

Meaning of Climate?

Definition and meaning of climate change?

What does climate mean in geography?

The climate of any region in the world is generated by the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, cryosphere and lithosphere. These five components make up what we know as the climate system and it has proven to be accurate enough to predict most weather conditions in a short term. Long term predictions can as be made, but they are not as accurate because many unpredictable factors can disrupt their accuracy.

What does Climate Mean - What is Climate

What does Climate Mean ?

The climate that is found in any regions of the world is going to be greatly affected by many specific factors such as the terrain, altitude and latitude of each area. Then you have to consider the many variables that are possible due to storms in nearby areas of any kind of sudden and abrupt climate change that could cause a large number of scenarios that would not be expected without any outside influence.

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What does ethics mean?

What is Ethics? find out what does ethics mean as per psychology, read definition and meaning of ethics & values in business. Ethics is basically the essence of being human because they have to do with the moral value and fundamental principles that a person has in order to be considered a valuable member of society. This is meant to help study our behavior and find out the kind of differences that are found in different cultures based on what they considered to be fair and ethical behavior.

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Terms related to Ethics

What does ethical mean?

What does work ethic mean?

Definition and meaning of ethics?

What does being ethical mean?

What is meant by ethics?

This means that our morals and values are going to depend on many factors such as our country of origin, our religion and out way of life, but the main and most common measure for ethics is to have empathy towards other people and this allows us to be able to understand others and we will have a natural moral compass that will be dictated by not doing things to others that we would not want to be done to us.

What does Ethics mean - What is Ethics

What does Ethics mean ?

Ethical behavior is a necessity in order for societies to be built and for human beings to be able to live with each other in harmony. If we lacked the required ethics we would be living in constant anarchy and our species would probably not survive for long.

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What does ISO mean – What is ISO

What does ISO mean?

What does ISO stand for -What is ISO? what does ISO mean and full form, find out definition and meaning of ISO. As nations and societies becoming more global and less separated, standards (guidelines) in everything from science, estimation, quality, production, ecological sciences, health & wellbeing and trade are necessary for ease of travel, trade, and coordinated effort. The ISO, also means, International Organization for Standardization is a model of two separate groups; The ISA and UNSCC. The international federation of the NSO and United nations’ standards coordinating committee.

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What does ISO mean - What is ISO

The Establishment of ISO

In the year 1946, twenty five nations sent associates (formerly delegates) to London, UK to meet up with the institute of civil engineers, expecting the establishment of an international agency or worldwide organization that could cooperatively create industrial standards that could be implemented around the globe. This effort was successful and the ISO was created on 23 FEB 1927. Till today, ISO has created and implemented more than 16000 standards; banking, computer protocols, freight containers, testing methods, and telephone cards are all standards the ISO has established. In so doing, the ISO is facilitating easier travel, trade, as well as the research collaboration around the globe.

National Institutes Connected with the ISO

157 national institutes are connected with ISO from around the globe. Each member nation being represented by a  single institute. Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland, where it is being managed by a central secretariat. Obviously, it is a non-government organization, but many incorporating institutions are the government agencies. The Term ISO is finalized with regards to the Greek influence “ISOS” which means EQUAL. It is not being called as an international organization of standardization because the name is different in other languages; so, the acronym ISO is used globally.

Democratic Organization

ISO is a democratic (Vote based) organization and every nation have one vote in it. Due to this, each and every member country has equal impact and influence, as well as all the standards are strategic. It has no jurisdiction or authority to implement the standards it sets up. They are market driven, thereby created by agreement and are profoundly significant to the consumer needs, business, market, and government trends.

The Importance of the ISO

The ISO determines standards characterizing quality, compatibility and safety products, manufacture, testing, environment standards, technical and scientific terminology, product analysis, classification of materials, among numerous different areas. Without the work of the ISO, nations and countries would have great trouble directing, productive and gainful exchange, sharing scientific and medication exploration, setting up ecological enactment, and surveying congruity in manufacturing.

What does CCTV Stand for?

What is CCTV? looking for definition and meaning of cctv? find out what does CCTV stand for or full form and what does CCTV mean. The acronym CCTV stands for close-circuit television and also called video surveillance, it is the use of video cameras to transmit images to a particular place rather than broadcasting it over the airwaves. Although CCTV may use point-to-point (P2P) or mesh wireless links, the purpose is to send its signals to a particular single place. CCTV is most often used for video surveillance of properties such as banks, airports, military installations, convenience stores, and the like. There is also CCTV used in distance education where the viewer may be in a pre-determined location.

CCTV Full form: Close-Circuit Television

What does CCTV Stand for - Full form of CCTV

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The first CCTV was created in 1942 by Tashira Arnold, Walter Brunch, and Wayne Cox to observe the launch of their V2 rockets from a safe location. By 1949, CCTV spread to the US where the first commercial system was started by Vericon. Since then, CCTV has spread around the world and is considered a primary part of surveillance technology.

Terms related to CCTV

What does CCTV mean?

How does wireless cctv work?

Full form of CCTV?

What is cctv cam?

What is video surveillance system?

CCTV systems are mostly used in industrial plants and other commercial locations to keep an eye on employees, visitors, and intruders. A series of video cameras are placed around the facility and are tied to a central location where security personnel can watch on monitor screens or record the information that is being sent. Today, many CCTV systems use digital video recorders which may keep the visual information that was sent for years. In addition, such systems are also used with motion detectors, IP cameras, and offer email alerts in case something is detected. Recently, the use of body cameras that utilize very small cameras represent the latest advancement in CCTV technology.

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What does ad hoc stand for?

What is Ad Hoc Network? find out definition and meaning of ad hoc and what does ad hoc stand for or full form. An ad hoc stand for wireless ad hoc network (WANET), it is a type of wireless network that is decentralized. It is called ad hoc because there is no pre-existing infrastructure such out access points or routers that are being used. In its place, the node forwards data to other nodes based on the connectivity of the network. The ad hoc network can use standard routing or the technique of flooding when it comes to forwarding their data.

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Ad hoc network - What does ad hoc stand for

What does ad hoc stand for

The good news about wireless ad hoc networks is that they are free of any infrastructure, administration, or set-up that enables them to enable devices, create, and join new networks on the spot whenever they are activated. This is because they configure themselves into what works and they are free to move around.

Terms related to Ad HOC

What does ad hoc mean?

What is Ad hoc network?

Meaning of ad hoc?

Full form of adhoc?

Ad hoc testing?

The earliest examples of the ad hoc networks started in the early 1970s with packet radios. The technology of these early systems evolved as the technology grew to later include the internet. Alongside the advances of the ad hoc networks were ham radio communities that were offering a similar system. Interestingly enough, the early packet radios were the inspiration for the Internet Protocol (IP) suite despite being well over a decade ahead of internet development.

By the 1980s, the development of the Survivable Radio Network (SURAN) took over from the packet radios and were the standard until the mid-1990s. At this point, inexpensive 802.11 radio cards created for personal computers led to the development of the wireless ad hoc network as we know them today.

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