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What does Domain Mean – What is Domain?

What is Domain – What does domain mean?

What is Domain or website? learn what does domain mean in website, also read definition and meaning of domain. The internet is full of domains and you are looking at a domain right now at the top of your browser on the address bar. The domain is the name that is given to a website. This means that anything after the www and before the .com or the .net, .org, is going to be the domain name.

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What does domain means in website?

What is Domain?

Definition and meaning of domain?

What is parked domain?

Your domain is basically the business name you have on the internet. Google is the domain name for the most popular search engine in the world. There are literally millions of registered domains all over the world and this is the reason why new extensions have been created in order to allow for many names to be reused.  This is the reason why extensions like .net and .org have been created. 

What does Domain Mean - What is Domain

What does Domain Mean ?

You need to look for a domain that reminds people of the products or services you provide and this is going to allow you to build a strong brand. Some business ventures are lucky to be able to purchase their own business name as their domain while others need to look for a different name if theirs has been taken in all possible extensions.

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