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What does Pos Stand for | What does POS Mean?

What does POS Mean | What does Pos Stand for

Looking for definition and meaning of Pos? find out what does POS stand for and exactly what does POS mean on whatdoesthatstandfor.com.

Acronyms are everywhere. Something as simple as wanting to know what POS mean can take you a while to figure it out. First you need to determine the context. After that use that piece of context in your search engine. Specifically for POS.

What does Pos Stand for | What does POS Mean?

If you want to know what POS means when people refer to the credit card purchase process it stands for Point of Sale. It basically means you can make a purchase with your credit card or debit card at that point of sale.

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However if you look at urban slang websites you will find a not-so-friendly meaning that we better don’t talk about it here. Also in certain documents POS is used as a shortage for the word POSITIVE (like in medical exams results) or to refer to patients that have been diagnosed as HIV positive.

What does Pos Stand for?

Pos stands for “Point for sale”

and it can also mean

  • Program of Study,
  • Public Opinion Strategies,
  • Probability of success,
  • Public Offering Statement,
  • Proof of Shipment and several other meanings.

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What is pos stand for?

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what does POS stand for in retail, banking, insurance

As you can see, depending on where you are reading this or who you’re talking to, the usage of this acronym can change. You just need to make sure that as recommended earlier, always use the context when searching.

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