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What does SMH Mean? What does SMH Stand for

What does SMH Mean

Find the exact meaning of SMH and what does SMH stand for or full form. We are going to provide what does SMH mean and share you some examples of SMH. You may heard the word SMH in various social media websites like Facebook.com, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit, etc. You may wondered and try to search in internet for what does exactly SMS mean?

What does acronym shm mean?

SMH is an internet acronym word that is used in text chatting. It is frequently used by the people to show the disappointment or shocking towards people stupid, silly behaviors. So SMH may refers to “So Much Hate”.

What does SMH Mean

SHM stands for “Shaking My Head”


If a user friend finds any stupid thing done by user, he/she comment by using word “SMH”

Searching Terms related to smh

What does smh mean in text message?

What does smh stands for in texting?

What does abbreviation smh mean?

What does smh mean on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter?

Why do people use terms like smh

Communication on internet has becoming popular day by day. Present millions of people are using whatsapp, facebook, google for communicating and texting. Generally people like to text their message very quickly. For speed and quick texting, people like to use some abbreviate words and emoticons like 🙂 for feeling happy, nope for not accepted/no, etc. So the terms like smh, lol, oh, etc are used to show some expressions in texting.

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Now you are come to know and understand what does smh mean and why it is used.

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