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What is Halloween? – What does Halloween Mean?

What is Halloween

What is Halloween & What does Halloween mean? There are many people who are not aware of the actual meaning of the word “Halloween”. The meaning of the Halloween would actually imply something heavenly and peaceful instead of the common uses that link this name to horror stories, vampires and ghouls.

Halloween means “All Saints Eve” ad this is meant to be a celebration that remember the dead, especially those who had been saints or martyrs in life. The traditions of Halloween have changed in the modern world, but historians believe that they began in with the Ancient Celtic festivals in something that could be compared to the modern day of the day in Mexico.

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Halloween has become a completely different festivity in modern times with the association of popular horror novel characters such as Vampires, the Frankenstein Monster and The Mummy. People getting dressed and going out to house looking for a trick or treat, is a fairly modern invention that is completely different from the origins of the holiday.

The festivity has now turned into a commercial success that is only rivaled by Christmas in the western world. Movies, TV shows, magazines and books are dedicated entirely to the Halloween festivities.

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